The Čany Offshore race is an offshore yachting race organised by the Czech Offshore Yachting Association of the Czech Republic. The Čany offshore race is demanding race, testing both inshore and offshore skills, boat and crew preparation and speed potential. It takes place every year in September over the course of about 300 nautical miles.

The race starts off Kühlungsborn on the Christianso Island on the north-east coast of Bornholm (Denmark). 

Sunday, the day before the start of the race, was dedicated to registration procedures and technical inspections of yachts registered for the race. One of the main focuses were to check the safety equipment. Marina staff had prepared great background including berths reservation for registered boats, accommodation for organizers including the rent of rubber dinghy to arrange the start and finish of the race.

All the boats were equipped with GPS trackers provided by Milk company, the sponsor which enabled online boats tracking at the website for the broader audience. Position data were transmitted via GSM signal.

The welcome party was held at a marine restaurant, the evening before the start. Skippers and their crew mates were briefed with detailed instruction relating to the start and finish of the race.

The weather forecast for the start was favourable. The wind was westerly morning breeze blowing along the coast. The starting line was close to the marina.

Monday morning, the fleet started at 9:00. Crossing the start line and rounding the buoy positioned a mile to the west from the starting line (windward mark), the boats headed the Arcona Cap region.

Leading boat Bavaria 38 Match race skippered by Robert Kolín was followed by Salona 38 skippered by Martin Boháč and by Dehler 38 skippered by Petr Bryx. These three boats kept the pace during the whole race.

The small dinghies occupied by media guys could hardly follow them to catch some pictures at least.

The day and following night were quite fast as the wind forecast at Arcona cap region especially was expected 6°B blowing from the south. Due to favourable winds, the fleet rounded the most eastern point of the course - lighthouse Christianso still within the night or early in the morning. Some skippers chose southern route when passing Bornholm and heading the Christianso from the south, along Bornholm east coast.

But most skippers kept the northern heading along the west coast of Bornholm.

Next evening wind calmed down near to Rujana region and slowed the leader ships significantly.
The distance made up by Bavaria 38 Match raced, skippered by Robert Kolin kept his leadership distance till the finish. He crossed the finishing line after a little less than 40 hours of sailing at the 300 sea miles course and set a new record for the race.

The other boats finished soon after the winner while there were only short time distances between them.

Despite the light wind, all crews finished a day before the official end of the race. The organiser decided to shift the closing ceremony a day earlier. The crews got precious time to arrange the return of the chartered yachts to their basements.

The main sponsor of the event, the company Lanex had prepared presents for all participants at the event and provided them with the sets of marine ropes. Medial partners Jachting Info and Yachting Revue kept public attention during the whole event preparation.

All crews finished the race without significant problems and we hope that based on their experience and enjoy from the event, they will join the next year event.

Looking forward to meeting you here again in September 2020!
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