International Czech cup series event

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In class Sea Yachts - Offshore B

Race No 19-70xx


Offshore Cup

The race is included at Czech Offshore Yachting Association Sea International Cup series 2019.

Date: 15th -19th September 2019

Venue: Germany

1. Venue
The venue is organized at southern Baltic Sea waters.

2. Class
The event will be sailed at monohull sailing boats with a valid license for range B (category Offshore according to ISO 12217-2) limited by LOA within interval 35 < LOA < 38 feet. Boats are provided by competitors.

The organizer (CANY) is ready to open another class outside the required LOA limit, preferable a monotype one if this class satisfies safety criteria for given range especially.

3. Categories
All boats are competing for the fastest sailboat in real time prize at each class while overall informational order can be evaluated, too. Entrants can be divided into groups by the LOA or GPH, for each full foot up to 36, 37 and 38 feet, and at ORC or monotype if three boats make the group at least. If there are less than three boats in a group, they will be attached to a next group with bigger LOA or group with less GPH. Dividing by groups cannot be any ground for redress.

4. Boats Measurement and Limitations
Boats with trapezes, aside swing keels, sliding platforms or other equipment expandable outside the hull that are not an integral part of the hull construction are not eligible except gennaker and spinnaker poles. Length (LOA) is measured between the two vertical lines passing through the endpoints of hull construction, excluding the rudder, spi pole, bowsprit, rails, platforms, and other supplies that come out of the hull construction.

5. The Boat Measurement Exception
The organizer can accept an exceptional entry and break limitations required in section 2 and 4 of this NR, particularly in cases of an unintentional and unpredictable event not caused by the crew and at such case there is no significant advantage gained within the starting fleet. The organizer is eligible to make specific measurements to eliminate the differences while keeping correct racing and safety within the fleet.

6. Organizing Authority
The race is organized by the Czech Offshore Yachting Association (CANY), under the competence of the Czech Sailing Association (CSJ) and the overall authority of the World Sailing.

7. Advertising Category
All boats shall meet requirements as provided in ISAF Regulation 20 -"Advertising Code". All boats are required to display the supplied numbers and advertisement at places specified by the organizer. All other advertising and promotion activities concerned with the Regatta before, in the time or after the event are possible only pursuant to a written agreement with organizing authority only.

8. Rules
The Regatta will be governed by:
(a) The rules as defined in the 2017-2020 World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing including its Appendices and all its changes approved by World Sailing.
(b) World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations for Race. Category Mo3.
(c) From sunset to sunrise, the rules of avoiding collisions at sea apply, which changes the rules of World Sailing Part 2.
(d) Radio Notices of the Race Committee transmitted on pre-determined VHF channel.

9. Eligibility
The Regatta is open to all competitors, who comply with the rules of World Sailing, Regulation 19 -"Eligibility Code". Competitors can be men or women, each competitor shall be a minimum of 14 years old in the year 2019. Maximum crew numbers per boat are limited by the technical specification of the boat. All skippers shall hold a valid license corresponding to the racing area hold for at least two years. At least one member of the crew shall have a valid license for VHF marine station control.

10. Entries
Entry closing date is July 31st 2019. The entry form can be downloaded from CANY website and it should be served to the organizer by e-mail or posted. If the boat has a valid ORC club certificate it should have a copy of it attached to entry form too. The organizer is entitled to restrict the number of competitors. The organizer guarantees entries for crews nominated in the Czech Offshore Yachting Association Cup series. Competitors will have its entry confirmed if all related payments will be done in due course. The entries received after the closing date shall apply 20% additional fee.

11. Entry Fee
Regular fee amounts to 260,- € per boat. The maturity day is 14 days after an entry is confirmed by the organizer. The increased fee if applied after the closing date amounts to 310 € per boat and shal be paid within 10 days afther an entry form is confirmed. The payments can not be made in advance without an ID assigned by the organizer. The entry fee comprises local fees, organizational costs and mooring at Ostseebad Kühlungsborn marina one night before the start and nights after the crew finishes the race, this includes the night following the closing ceremony of the event.

12. Registration
Registration of the competitors shall be made at the Regatta office in marina Ostseebad Kühlungsborn on Sunday September 15th 2019 from 10:00 till 19:00 hours. Competitors will enter the Regatta by completing the registration form, which shall be confirmed and signed by the skipper. By signing the registration form the skipper agrees to be bound by the Rules as defined in section 8 above and confirms his for all his crew members during the event. The skipper, in addition, must present all the documents required in sections 9 and 20. The boat shall pass the technical inspection procedure and assigned RC inspector shall sign the particular technical form before the official registration.

13. Schedule
Sunday 15. 9. 10:00-19:00 Boats inspections, crews registrations,
                                 20:00 Opening ceremony, skippers briefing
Monday 16. 9.           09:00 Start of the race
Thursday 19. 9.        16:00 Finish time limit
                                 21:00* Closing ceremony, price giving, festival party
*) If all crews finish before Wednesday 20:00 (a usual case so far) the organizer will try to organize price giving on Wednesday 18. 9. already and to close the event one day earlier.

14. Sailing Instructions
The organizer will provide SI together with the next propositions to all competitors at the registration latest.

15. Sailing Area and Routes
The course will be held in southern Baltic Sea waters. Time and place of start, course, marks, gates, places of auxiliary and final finishes, route and time limits will be announced and given out at skippers briefing held at a welcome party before the start of the race. The 350 nautical mile course will start from and end in Kühlungsborn (GER) around Danish island Bornholm (DEN) and Chritianso (DEN). The organizer shall have the right to change main route points if necessary due to weather conditions anticipated.

16. Scoring System
The low point system of RRS Appendix rule A2 will be used. One offshore race is planned.

17. Protest Committee
The Protest Committee will be appointed for the Regatta in accordance with rule RRS 88.2(b).

18. Prizes and Categories
The event is valid if one-third of entries finish the race at least. Prizes and diplomas will be awarded for first, second and third place at each category and classes. The winning crew of the main class overall order will be awarded the challenge cup.

19. TV and Media, Monitoring
The organizer shall have the right to use any images and sound records recorded by participants of the event during the event free of charge. The organizer may also require the installation, at no cost to competitors, global position devices or onboard cameras. Crews shall not prevent their functionality by purpose.

20. Liability
Competitors participate in the event at their own risk entirely. Competitors are fully responsible for all personal injuries, damages to boats or other materials during the regatta. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death, sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during or after the event. Crews shall apply for suitable third party liability insurance at minimum 350 000,- € (9 000 000,- CZK) or equivalent.

Expected members of the organizing team

Regatta Chairman Martin Blagoev
Finance Manager Ing .Olga Mülerová
Medical Manager MUDr. Zdeněk Žižka
Technical Inspectors Martin Blagoev
Principal Race Officer Ing. Petr Sládeček, Czech national race officer

Přístav 5
147 00 Prague 4 – Podoli
Czech republic

Ing. Petr Sládeček,
V chaloupkách 617/14, 194 00 Praha 9
tel.: +420 606 682 234

Marina Kühlungsborn

Appendix 1 – Safety equipment required

Next equipment must be on board when the boat is racing to be presented at the inspection procedure before official registration
• Storm mainsail (unless the boat does not have a sufficient number of the reefs -min. 2 or roll mainsail),
• Storm jib if the boat has no roll genoa,
• Stable VHF radio with masthead or stern antenna cable, ready for immediate use
• Manual bilge pump,
• Pyrotechnic signals shall be provided conforming to SOLAS LSA Code Chapter III Visual Signals and not older than the stamped expiry date (if any) or if no expiry date stamped, not older than 4 years.
• Lifejackets for all crew members
• Lifelines required in Special Regulations shall be "taut"
• Safety Harness for all crew members
• Tools for common repairs
• Rigging cutter (tool for quickly cutting cables)
• Lifebuoy with a self-igniting light with floating rope
• Two solid buckets
• Navigation lights (with charged batteries)
• Two waterproof hand-held flashlights with extra batteries
• Foghorn
• Compass
• 2 anchors together with a suitable combination of chain and rope, all ready for immediate use.
• Taps for Kingston (intake valves)
• First-aid kit
• Navigation Charts of the race area
• Radar reflector at the place
• Inboard propulsion engine with fuel (min. for 100 nautical miles)
• Water ( drinking) for all crew members for 3 days (at minimum 1,5 l per person and day)
• A sufficient number of fire extinguishers (min2)

Note that any irregularities that may affect the safety of navigation found at RC inspection reserve the right to exclude boat from the race.
Class rules can change these safety requirements exceptionally while replacing them by relevant ones if the organizer agrees with such a change

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